Custom Scanning Service

Compact Filing uses high precision commercial scanners to reduce paper documents to easily stored digital files. We can return your digital files on CD, DVD or portable hard drive in a variety of formats including .tiff, .pdf, or .jpg file. If you really want to be rid of your clutter, we can arrange for your paper files to be shredded after we scan them.

Benefits of scanning include:

  • Better organization
  • Integrity of copies preserved
  • Minimal storage space required
  • Easy access to documents in files
  • Pages can be viewed, printed, or emailed

hard drive to save files

We have experience archiving:

  • Real estate documents
  • Escrow documents
  • Tax and financial documents
  • Training manuals
  • Medical records
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Customer files
  • Pictures and photos
  • Personal records
  • Educational materials
  • Genealogy documents

Have a unique archiving project? We can find a solution at a competitive price. We also offer mobile scanning service on location in your office.

For multiple page documents we can scan them to multipage .tiff or .pdf files. Generally we have found that .tiff files are better for long term storage while Adobe .pdf files are more portable across different computers.